Couture Consignments

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Couture Consignments is located in Pickering Village, home to historic architecture and a quaint village atmosphere, Pickering Village is a unique and celebrated district of Ajax. Pickering Village is located in the west end of the Town, along Highway 2. Once an original Quaker Settlement in the early 1800's, the area is now home to a number of restaurants, shops and professional services. Pickering Village  includes Ajax's only historic main street (Old Kingston Road)  Couture consignments located in the historic Dale Block Building which dates back dates back to the 1850s.

The building at 80, 82 and 84 Old Kingston Rd. in the Village of Pickering was originally a hotel known as Head's Hotel.
Records indicate that Head's Hotel, owned and operated by Peter Head, was in existence in 1850. Peter Head operated the hotel into the 1880s and was then succeeded by innkeepers Andrew Mason, Thomas Major and D. O'Conner.

In approximately 1874, the hotel was purchased by Edmund Wright who remodelled the hotel and transformed it into a store and residence, the residence being the unique octagon-shaped portion on the east side.

Today Pickering Village is filled with a variety of novelty shops, clothing stores, Tea shop, bakery and café and much, much more…….definitely worth the drive to see a treasure chest of Merchandise and historical ambience at Couture Consignments.